The Super 9

A resource I use religiously as a way of showing progressively difficult questions, the Super 9 has differentiated questions in a 3×3 grid so that, in theory, questions get more difficult as you move right and/or down. I got the idea from a colleague (@miss_jobacon on Twitter) early in my teaching career and I have made lots of my own in the last few years. I have taken a snapshot of a few examples and included the files of some others. Thanks must go to various sources such as Corbett Maths and Mathed Up for some of the questions! If you notice one of your resources and would like acknowledgement please let me know.


If you would like to download the files of any of the photo examples please leave a comment and I will sort you out 🙂

Add and Subtract Fractions GCSE

Decimals Adding and Subtracting

Area of Triangles and Parallelograms

Fractional and Negative Indices

Multiplying Decimals Harder.pptx

Recurring Decimals Observation

Simultaneous Equations 2

Super 9 – Volume and Surface Area

Super 9 – Angles

The Super 9 – Direct Proportion

The Super 9 – Perimeter and Area

The Super 9 – Polygons

The Super 9 – Ratio


Author: Gareth Evans

I have been a secondary Maths teacher at a north-west school for 4 years. I am a Head of House, accredited trainer and #mixedattainmentmaths advocate.

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